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~ Locked

- banner by flower_ballet -

Fandom interests include Takarazuka (the banner is not a lie!), shounen manga, writing and psychology. RL-talk, at this point, is all over the place as well.

Generally, if you want to add me, you can do so without asking. ^^ My journal has become very personal, though, so I'm selective about adding back. Comment here and let's see? ♥

- K.





I will now go over here and be incredibly, incredibly happy.

EDIT: And. They're starting. With BERUBARA. Eritan!Fersen. Ayucchin!Marie Antoinette.

........ I feel like Christmas has come early. O_o I also feel slightly bitter - because I wish I could be this excited about Kimu's top star run, I wish it could have started out like this. But WHATEVER. I'm buying all her shows anyway and I'm going to keep an eye out for Eritan and Ayucchin and yes.

Something to aim for. <3 <3 <3 <3

Happy birthday, Kimu. Takarazuka would not have caught my attention if it wasn't for you.

The best thing about Takarazuka, to me: there is someone for everyone. <3

Apr. 23rd, 2012


Kimu. I'll miss pining for your shows.

But I think this is better for you. And I hope that this means you're moving on to a venue where you can shine as brightly as you're meant to.


21-09-2001 - 11.09.2011

Goodbye my darling. Rest in peace.

Jun. 8th, 2011

So, I love great whites. And then I saw this:

I still love great whites, but people. >_> What IS IT with wanting to treat nature like a petting zoo?

It's a beautiful shark, though. <3

About my thesis...Collapse )

I'm making a batch of penguin-related icons. Will post later if I finish it today. Otherwise, here's some advertising:


flower_ballet's new Rose of Versailles fan community (of which I'm a co-mod)! A place to find, among other things, icon - and fanfic challenges, meta discussions and the fandom's only current on-going newsletter. ^^ We're really excited about it all and if you have any interest in this fandom, you should come and join us!

Keeping this entry public in case anyone stops by (hi there!) and takes an interest.

Let me begin by saying that I absolutely adore this show. As such, I must warn for fangirly squeeing because there is, essentially, no other way for me to talk about it. Also, this entry is just a bit image heavy.

about the musical-Collapse )

about the people on stage-Collapse )

about the mini-revue-Collapse )